Most Installation difficulties regarding Hot Link Pro fall in to two categories. Noise injection from another source or Incorrect emitter placement. A third and rare category is super high carrier frequency on some receivers. Toughies may be directed to Marcus at 800-999-8846.

Plasma and LCD TV noise mitigation

Complete information about mitigating Plasma and LCD TV noise can be found here.

Noise/interference solutions for Hot Link Pro:

Note first that the Hot Link Pro is very noise impervious. The RF shielding and input electronics are very robust.Noise is present if Confirmation LED is glowing, even just a little, when remotes are not in use.

Try first: Check system; With Hot Link Eye already plugged in, insert power plug and observe blue LED blink once on power-up. Then unplug eye cable and only re-insert the tip of the RCA Connector. blue LED should be on full. Finish insertion and LED should turn off. Try the following…

Re-insert the RCA eye connector a few times. This breaks up any oxides on the connector.

Questions to find noise radiating sources:

How to find noise radiating sources.
Emitter Pad placement:
Some equipment marks the location of the IR receiving Eye in the wrong place. Use flashlight to confirm location for the Hot Link Pro Emitter pad. Sony STR, Motorola Set top HDTV models often have the Eye on the exact opposite side as marked. Harmon Kardon AVR series Eye is not as marked but to the right and online with the five black buttons within the plastic black panel. For HR20 and Scientific Atlanta 8300 boxes, the Emitter may need to be placed adjacent to the receiver Eye or on top of 3 to five layers of beige masking tape.

Super high frequency carriers:

Hot Link Pro repeats 18Khz to 120 Khz. Some units use super high frequency remote carriers. Some Kenwood high-end receivers and a few older Sony ES line receivers as well as Sony CDX in-dash CD players for cars, use 455Khz. Pioneer Elite receivers only use 1Mghz and they offer their own repeater for it.