Hot Tub Hot Link 12Volt (HTHL-3)

$59.95 $19.95


Hot Tub Hot Link 12Volt (HTHL-3)

$59.95 $19.95

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All of the benefits!

img1Totally Hidden
img2One Eye Fits All Applications
img3Best IR Noise Filter
img4All Frequencies
img5Works with All Equipment
img6Double Remote Distance

None of the drawbacks!

img7No Exposed Sensor
img8Drill no Holes
img9No Radio Noise
img10No Antennas
img11No Batteries
img12No attachments

Repeating IR Remote Controls to the wet or outdoor location! Conceal equipment in cars, boats, planes and RVs, even equipment located in wet environments like a pool house or other out building.

The Hot Tub Hot Link repeats for just 1 IR operated device and only has about a 12 foot range from remote to eye. However, it is sun-proof, water-tight and has a lensed bezel for mounting. It operates on 12 VDC and does not include a power supply. It has 4 foot, fused power leads to hook up to your 12 volt DC power source. The emitter is at the end of a 3 foot twin lead black wire pair and must be located near or over the IR receiving eye of your car stereo or other AV gear. The Wire can be easily spliced into for extending length. Hot Tub Hot Link’s name came as it started out as a custom OEM for car stereos installed in hot tubs and spas. Hot Tub Hot Link, Part Number HTHL-3, MSRP $59.95


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