Emitter Expansion Kit X6


Emitter Expansion Kit X6


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All of the benefits!

img1Totally Hidden
img2One Eye Fits All Applications
img3Best IR Noise Filter
img4All Frequencies
img5Works with All Equipment
img6Double Remote Distance

None of the drawbacks!

img7No Exposed Sensor
img8Drill no Holes
img9No Radio Noise
img10No Antennas
img11No Batteries
img12No attachments

Add six Emitters to the Hot Link XL

The Emitter Expansion Kit X6 can just be plugged in to the Hot Link XL model to add 6 more emitters per kit up to 24 emitters. The additional Emitters can be located anywhere along the Cat5/6 cable. The Hot Link XL could then have 6 emitters close to it with six remotely located, or 12 far away in a remote closet or all 12 near. Hot Link XL Emitters can be extended over 200 feet via Cat-5 cable with RJ45 connectors or 4 wire phone line with RJ11 plugs using the four center conductors.

Instructions, simplified:

  1. Install the Emitter Expansion Kit Per instructions.
  2. Insert the RJ45 “Y” adapter into one of the ends of the Extension Kit.
  3. Insert the short RJ45 cable into the RJ45 “Y” adapter.
  4. Insert the other end of the short cable into the Additional Emitter Adapter Box.


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