Carrier Frequencies & Emitters

Hot Link Pro repeats everything from 18Khz to 120Khz. This means that the HDTV receivers and cable boxes that use 58Khz and 60Khz will work just as easily as all of the standard 38Khz and 40Khz AV gear. Hot Link Pro doubles the distance of IR computer mice and keyboards and PDA IR Remote Control Signals.

Hot Link Pro will not repeat only a handful of signals. Pioneer “Elite” receivers which use 1MHz, some high-end Kenwood receivers and Sony ES receivers with a 2-way remote and Sony CDX series automotive CD players that use 455KHz. It is not designed to transfer IRDA standard IR pulses for PDAs.

Hot Link Pro IR Distribution

Hot Link Pro uses highly reliable stick on emitters to communicate remote commands to each piece of gear. These emitters are low powered so as not to feedback to Hot Link Pro’s Receiver Eye. IR blaster type emitters do not work when equipment is on shelves that block the signal. While some IR repeaters with blaster emitters seem “easy to install” they actually can create more problems in getting the IR signal to equipment. Sometimes high-powered emitters overdrive the IR sensor on original equipment or work only when the cabinet doors are closed or only when open if mounted externally.

Expanding the Hot Link Pro:

The Eye may be extended with high-grade coax cable. The Coax Eye Extension Cable can be made in custom lengths up to 25 feet. Standard AV cables are not shielded well enough for the Eye. Extensions can be made from RG6 or RG59 with F connectors and adapters to RCA purchased from a local electronics retailer. Adding Coax cable to the Eye does reduce the distance from the remote to the eye. A 25 foot length brings the remote to Eye distance to about 28 feet.

For Longer distances up to 200 feet using Cat5 or Cat6 Cable, use the Hot Link XL