How Hot Link Works

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Hot Link Pro™ revolutionizes how Infrared (IR) remote controls and hidden AV gear are used. By “seeing” even the weakest IR commands from remote controls, direct line of sight is no longer needed. Hot Link’s super-sensitive IR Eye can be hidden and still see IR remote commands – in fact it’s so sensitive that the maximum range of IR sensor to remote control is around doubled from standard IR sensors.

Tuck the Eye behind a Flat Panel Display and place Hot Link Emitters on hidden AV gear to relay the IR signals from the remote. The Blue Confirmation LED can be placed in a slot or on the edge of a TV or not used at all. Plug power supply in and start controlling hidden AV equipment!

IR Eye mounts in a hidden location where it can “see” the room the remote is in. Mount on the back of a Flat Panel Display, furniture, speaker, or behind a speaker grille, door slot and more. 6 feet long. Use RG6 with F to RCA adapters to extend the range of IR sensor from the main Box.

Blue Confirmation LED is used to measure and mitigate IR noise and confirms commands received from the remote. 7 feet long.

Emitters are placed directly over IR sensor on home theater equipment to be controlled.

Eye Mounting Hardware is a small mounting kit with a screw tab and Velcro to mount the Eye almost anywhere.

Main Box mounts anywhere, back of TV, in AV cabinet or room. 3 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch.

Ribbon Cable is meant to be peeled apart for appropriate emitter length. Roll up what is not used and store with main box in back of cabinet. 7 feet long on Hot Link Pro and Hot Link XL, 8 feet long for Hot Link Pro X12.

Power supply plugs into standard 120 VAC wall outlet. 6 foot cord.

Power supply plugs into standard US 120 VAC wall outlet via a 6-foot cord. We also supply Hot Link products internationally, including to Canada, Great Britain, France and Israel.

Other questions you may have:
What is IR sensor?
The Eye is a high-sensitivity IR sensor that can receive frequencies from 18Khz to 120Khz from remote controls. The Hot Link Eye is 4 times more sensitive than a standard IR sensor.

What is an IR receiver?
The terms “IR sensor” and “IR receiver” are largely interchangeable.

What is IR blaster?
IR blaster technology is sometimes used in products used to extend infrared signals. Hot Link doesn’t use IR blaster – our patented IR extender solutions instead incorporate low-powered, directly attached emitters.