Control Hidden AV equipment while doubling the power of IR Remote Controls and rid your living room of messy TV cords, cord covers and Home Theater equipment with Hot Link, A totally Hidden IR repeater System.

Works with all AV equipment from the simplest to the best universal remote controls for home theater, including Logitech, Harmony, One For All, Phillips Pronto, even AT&T U-verse, Scientific Atalanta, Cisco, Motorola, Oppo, and B and O.

All of the benefits!

img1 Totally Hidden
img2One Eye Fits All Applications
img3 Best IR Noise Filter
img4 All Frequencies
img5 Works with All Equipment
img6 Double Remote Distance

None of the drawbacks!

img7 No Exposed Sensor
img8 Drill no Holes
img9 No Radio Noise
img10 No Antennas
img11 No Batteries
img12 No attachments

Using The Hot-Link Remote Control IR System

How to hide AV equipment and stay in control!

Hide Hot Link’s Super Sensitive IR Eye on the BACK of your TV, facing the wall and connect to the Hot Link Main Box. The remote to Eye distance of the remote control will be doubled. Hide your home theater equipment in a cabinet or closet and apply the IR emitters over the IR sensors on the AV equipment. Now you can operate AV devices in entertainment cabinets or behind walls with your infrared remote controls with improved performance!

All of the benefits, none of the drawbacks!
Other brands require either an exposed IR sensor, or batteries that have to be charged and changed once a week along with limited frequency selection like next generation remote control extender, and other RF radio-frequency remote control systems. Some do not work with all equipment and IR codes or either cause or are subject, to IR or RF interference. Some remote control RF systems commit you to use only their remote.

Hot Link gives you the benefits of doubling the performance of your remote controls without any attachments to remotes while controlling hidden home theater equipment and Hot Link itself being totally hidden!

IR is often better than RF! Hot Link’s “radioless” IR enhancement technology means no longer aiming or “fishing” to get your remote to work and macros run reliably. No unsightly holes to drill, no visible IR sensors, no batteries to change and no radio noise, and no cord covers, makes Hot Link the remote control extender best buy to enhance the beauty of your home theater!

Hot Link Pro, an IR repeater, is how to hide AV equipment in local cabinets or behind walls with a 6 foot IR Sensor cable to the main box which can be extended with our cable or and RG6 extension to 30 feet. It comes with 7 foot long IR Emitter cables and power supply with six foot cord.

Hot Link XL has the added feature of extending the Emitters and the Power Entry over 200 feet of Cat5 or Cat6 cable allowing you to control AV equipment 200 feet away in another room, basement or closet.

Hot Link answers how to hide AV equipment and stay in control! No messy cord covers or remote control RF noise added to your home.
Double the distance of remote controls and enhance the beauty of your home theater with Hot Link Pro or Hot Link XL! THE remote control extender ‘best buy’.