Eye Mounting Options

Hiding Hot Link Pro Eye

Hot Link Pro’s super sensitive IR Eye can be mounted almost anywhere in a hidden location. The Eye only needs to see the room the remote is in and does not have to be in direct line of site. Mount the Eye behind a speaker grill, cabinet, door slot, plasma or LCD TV or under a toe-kick or on top of a cabinet. Have a wall plate with another device? just mount the Eye behind the wall plate. The IR signals will pass through and remotes will work up to 25 feet away. A bezel is available for outdoor and wet locations like pool houses and hot tubs.
Printable version of Hiding Hot Link Pro Eye

Eye mounted on top of cabinet

Out of site from below

Eye mounted under sub woofer

Eye behind LCD TV Eye is facing back wall

Eye behind speaker grille…

...and out of sight

Eye under toe-kick

Eye in door slot

Eye mounted behind wall plate

Sees IR signals through the plate!

Super Sensitive Hot Link Eye receives commands bounced from screen.

Hot Link "sees" commands bounced from walls.