Questions to find noise radiating sources:

Is the Eye to close to an RF noise source such as the TV? Is blue LED turn on and off with TV? Solution; Move away from TV/noise source until blue LED goes COMPLETELY off.

Is there any IR to RF to IR repeaters in use such as the Powered? They leak IR. Check by turning off the other repeater. Solution: Get good quality, IR repeater 800mhz type.

If the TV is plasma discharge is the eye looking directly at it or any reflections from furniture? Solution; shadow eye from Plasma screen. Do this by mounting the Eye to the side or directly behind the Plasma screen, then rotating the eye away from the screen until LED stops glowing completely. The super sensitivity of the eye will still allow it to see remote control commands even if facing the wall. Note: The Sharp Aquos LCD 37 inch is extremely IR noisy. It will require hiding the eye almost completely or covering most of it with Black tape and using a high powered remote like URC-2 Or Theater master or Harmony 880.

Are there any High efficiency screw-in type fluorescent lamps within 25 feet? These devices emit LF IR. Solution; shadow eye from view or change bulb to incandescent.

Power supplies for 12-volt halogen lamps are often excellent LF RF transmitters. Are there any present? Solution; buy garden lamp power supplies to replace the noisy ones.

Are there any “unqualified” RCA extension cables being used to extend the IR Eye? Use only woven shielded caox,(RG6, RG59, RG58 etc.)and metal shelled connectors. Standard A/V cables are mostly “twisted shield” which is insufficient for blocking LFRF.

Noise leaks with Hot Link Pro, if damaged: How to test; Wrap the un-insulated end of a three foot wire around the outside of the RCA connector and re-install in Hot Link Black box, wrap other un-insulated end around brass barrel of eye. If this works, we send you a new eye.

Normal fluorescent lights do not effect Hot Link Pro unless they are very close. Note that some long tube fluorescent lamps are pulsed type ballasts and may cause interference. Normal HF RF equipment does not effect the Hot Link Pro such as Radio phones cell phones etc.