Hot Link Pro RV 12 Volt


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Hot Link Pro RV 12 Volt


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All of the benefits!

img1Totally Hidden
img2One Eye Fits All Applications
img3Best IR Noise Filter
img4All Frequencies
img5Works with All Equipment
img6Double Remote Distance

None of the drawbacks!

img7No Exposed Sensor
img8Drill no Holes
img9No Radio Noise
img10No Antennas
img11No Batteries
img12No attachments

Hot Link Pro RV 12 Volt works great like the other Hot Link models but is powered by 12 to 30 volts DC from your RV, boat, plane, or other low voltage application.

Often RV owners have 120 VAC on board and do not need the 12 volt DC feature and can use the Hot Link Pro model to operate concealed AV gear in motor home cabinets and closets. Also see Hot Tub Hot Linkβ„’ for another low voltage IR repeater.

What Hot Link Pro does
Hot Link Pro is a 12 year old patented product that both allows equipment to be hidden and doubles the distance of remote controls by enhancing IR sensitivity. It is generally sold as a “single box solution” for installers and end users. It is “radio-less” and has no attachments to remotes, no batteries, no antennas and no exposed cables to trip over. Hot Link hides inside the cabinet and “sees” even the weakest signals from remotes. Is very compatible with LCD and Plasma TVs when the eye is mounted out of sight, just behind the display. With accessories, Hot Link Pro’s sensors and emitters can be easily extended. Repeats carrier frequencies 18Khz to 120Khz.

Hypersensitive Receiving Eye:
While Hot Link is an effective single box solution for intra cabinet repeating, it enhances the distance of remotes by being more sensitive at the receiving end rather than by adding attachments to the remote or converting to radio waves. Hot Link Pro doubles the distance of remotes up to 70 feet. In total darkness it will go up to 100 feet. But the really pleasing feature of all this hypersensitivity, is that the Eye does not have to be direct line of site! The Eye or “target” can be hidden behind a speaker grill, under a toe-kick, or behind or on top of a cabinet or looking through the slot of a door or behind a speaker grill. It does not have to be direct line of site. The Eye merely needs to be in the same room as the remote. This means no drilling of holes in high-buck cabinets and no fishing or aiming of the remote by the home theater enthusiast. We call this “radioless” technology.

Eye Mounting Options:
Our patented Infrared receiver eye’s hypersensitivity allows the eye to see even the weakest signals from your remote. To obtain twice the distance the eye is actually 4 times as sensitive. As the distance between the remote and the eye increases by one increment the power density is reduced by 4 times. When placed in a dark environment the eye actually increases sensitivity to remote pulses up to almost 6 times! When the Hot Link Pro Eye is placed behind a speaker grill, yes the grill “apertures” the remote signal and it also apertures the ambient light causing the eye to become more sensitive to pulsed light produced by remote control signals. This means that in general there is usually no loss and some increase in the remote control’s operating range. AND THE EYE IS HIDDEN!


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